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Monday, April 14, 2003
my heart is crying

Everybody has the sense of Love.
I searched for its meaning very hard.
Since long!
In the pleasure of past,
In the beauty of today,
In the silence of deep darkness,
In the rays of sunshine,
In the sweet sounds of singing birds,
In the charming light of moon,
But Invain,
I could not found!
I asked the twinkling stars,
Why my heart is beating so fast?
Behind someone,
Thy think for a while,
Gave me no response,
But said!
It is due to that!
Then I asked the smiling flowers,
Why I am so sad?
Why my heart is crying like a mad?
They smiled for a while!
Gave me no response but say,
It is due to that!
One night I heard,
The enchanted sound of a nightingale,
Saying these words here and there,
Everywhere in the nature,
The sense of love is scattered,
But still the fact remain unproven,
No one can explain that,
What is the sense of love,
I swear this forever.
Suddenly I realized!
It is here very near,
In my heart I can feel it,
But I can not explain this


Asad Ali Mayar