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Wednesday, June 04, 2003
My Love, My Life

You have always been there
When I needed someone,
When I needed a friend.
When I made a mistake,
You always let it slide,
As if you didn't take notice of it.
Every time I went astray,
You were always there,
Waiting for me,
Just somehow knowing,
I would come back to you
Once more.
I don't know how I can thank you
Or love you enough
For all you've done for me,
For all the love you've given me,
While expecting nothing in return.
Your patience with me has been so great,
Probably greater than
It ever should have been.
But am I ever glad,
Ever so glad,
Because even though it took me so long
To realize that you are
My only one.
There's nothing I'd much rather do than
Share my life with you.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003
A Bed of Roses

A bed of roses,
A field of poppies,
The landscape ends,
To begin with clear blue sky.

No clouds to break,
This illusion of peace,
No sun, but yet I'm warm,

A gentle breeze,
But no grass stirs,
No movement but
The beat of my heart.

Laying close together,
But yet I'm alone,
A bed of roses,
A field of poppies.

Just a dream ,
The affair of the heart.