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Thursday, June 12, 2003
If You Were

If you were busy being kind,
Before you knew it you would find
You'd soon forget to think `twas true
That someone was unkind to you.

If you were busy being glad
And cheering people who seem sad,
Although your heart might ache a bit,
You'd soon forget to notice it.

If you were busy being good,
And doing just the best you could,
You'd not have time to blame some man
Who's doing just the best he can.

If you were busy being true
To what you know you ought to do,
You'd be so busy you'd forget
The blunders of the folks you've met.

Sunday, June 08, 2003
A Bed of Roses
A bed of roses,
A field of poppies,
The landscape ends,
To begin with clear blue sky.

No clouds to break,
This illusion of peace,
No sun, but yet I'm warm,

A gentle breeze,
But no grass stirs,
No movement but
The beat of my heart.

Laying close together,
But yet I'm alone,
A bed of roses,
A field of poppies.

Just a dream ,
The affair of the heart.

I'll Love You
I'll love you when you're dumb,
I'll love you when you're smart,
I'll love you any way you are,
Right from the start

I'll love you if you're tall,
I'll love you if you're short
I'll love you if you're pretty,
Or just an ugly dork

I'll love you if you're toothless,
I'll love you if you're blind,
Anything that's wrong with you,
To me you'll be just fine

My heart is opening up now,
Unlike it used to do,
I see the pain that's in your heart,
And sometimes I feel it too

I'll love you tomorrow,
I'll love you today,
I'll love you forever,
And forever always.

Someone Special
On a beautiful summer day
I was lying under a big oak tree
far away from the troubles of nowadays
with a chilling sensation of being free

I fell asleep and started dreaming
dreaming about a special person
but when I awoke, I couldn't believe what I was seeing
there she was, my special person

We spent the whole day together
sharing our thoughts and feelings
hoping this day would last forever
so I grabbed her and started kneeling

I asked for God's help in a prayer
to bring us together again forever
I looked to the sky for an answer
and a voice came to me and her

saying, "Make a wish today
and don't be blue,
'cause one of these days
it may come true."