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Saturday, July 12, 2003
Broken Pieces
-by Bonnie Butler

It's like a book, broken pages mixed together,
words scrambling around
the crazy memories scattered around
what about that night we spent
trying to put together the pieces of life?

All the intellectual conversations
like little Stars, but it wasn't so simple,
it got confusing and impossible to understand.
Words weren't just words,
they were incredible thoughts.

After a while, the days turned to rain,
and then one day,
it all disappeared into the moon.
Every once in a while I stare up at it,
trying to put the broken pieces back together.

It comes back in a shallow way.
life is just one long day we dream upon.
Our souls swim around madly trying to find a place to rest
and we, like madmen, travel all around to look for them.

Eventually, if we're determined enough,
we'll find that one broken piece in our lives -
it's called our souls

Thursday, July 10, 2003
You Made Me Fly
by J. Samm

I longed for acceptance
You welcomed me with open arms

I longed to be heard
You turned to listen

I felt worthless
You treasured me

I thought I was incapable
You gave me a chance to prove what I can do

I was without talent
You called me gifted

I was trapped in a shell I built for myself
You set me free

I never knew I could do anything that counts
You believed in me

I thought I was limp
You made me fly

And so I did
And I soared high.

Monday, July 07, 2003
A Smile
A smile is something that brings you joy
It makes you happy though you're annoyed
It fills up in life , a really big void
It cleans the cloth of life that is soiled

When you help a person , make them smile
Brighten up their lives for a little while
For when a person learns to smile
He feels he has walked longer than a mile

When a person smiles , his joy is shown
Even though on the walk of life , he is alone
The road to friendship he is shown
His world will never be sad or careworn

When you see a sad person , smile at him
Spread your love and joy through him
From your own hardships , it helps you unwind
Happiness is the greatest gift from a smile , one can find