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Thursday, July 17, 2003
-Thanks Samudyata.

When I was like a lost soul
Moving about with a fluttering mind
This was the time when you came
To show me the seven colours of life
yes,now also your thoughts keep me awake.
I cherish your presence
and feel your absence
For the only asset I have
is your rememberance
Which tells me the things
that often go unspoken
But all in silence.
Your shades in my memory is the only thing
that I can count on
which helps me never to stop
And to keep going on and on
For I feel you in the golden dawn
For I feel you in the tranquil breeze
of the shore
Because you are the one whom I truly adore
Each thought of yours is
more deep than the one before
Let this depth increase everyday in
This is what I ask for and nothing more.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Build A Box Of Friendship
by Chuck Pool

Into a box of friendship
To insure that it is strong
First a layer of respect
On the bottom does belong.

Then to the sides attach,
In the corners where they meet,
Several anchors full of trust,
Devoid of all deceit.

The height of friendship can be measured
By the sides of four,
So make them all a larger cut,
And the box will hold much more.

Now fill it up with courtesy,
Honor and esteem,
Understanding, sympathy,
And passion for a dream.

Add to that your honesty,
Emotions joy and love,
And since they’re so important,
Place them up above

But leave the box wide open
So all can see inside,
To learn what makes a friendship work
From the box you built with pride.