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Thursday, January 22, 2004
Don't Worry - i'll Help

i will support you
when days do seem dark,
when you feel that you can't
stop the pain in your heart.
i will be there for you
and I'll hold your hand,
together we'll make it
out of this Shadowland.

Never forget that i
think of you often
wondering how you are
and if you've forgotten;
or if you are crying
alone with your pain,
thinking it's hopeless
and that you are to blame.

i hope that you aren't
because it isn't your fault,
you've just become victim
to the bad side of love.
It happens to most people
some time in their life
and it hurts a great deal,
worse than a knife.

But i will console you
and help you to see
that although things seem awful,
one day you'll be free;
free from the heartache
to go on with your life,
and i'll be there to see it,
and secretly smile.

kal ho na ho...

Think of all the people
That never got the chance
To say their last good_bye
Without a backward glance.
Think of all the people
That said, "Have a good day"
As they walked out of the door
On their very last day.
Think of all the children
That said, "Mom don't be late.
i'll see you when you get home."
And now they sit and wait.
Think of all the lovers
Running late and short on time
To give that last kiss and hug,
If they'd only had a sign.
Think of all the friends
That had a silly fight
Never got to say "I'm sorry,"
Now will never see the light.
i mourn for all the people
That died without a clue.
i hurt for all the living
That sadly never knew.
It'd be their last great hug.
It'd be their last sweet kiss.
It'd be their last big smile,
From the ones they'll always miss.
Think of the ones around you,
The ones you loved so strong.
Take time to say, "I'm sorry"
To anyone you've wronged.
Don't waste a precious moment
Assuming that they know.
For when these people pass
It's too late to tell them so.
Yesterday is already gone
Tomorrow may never be.
Now is all we have
To make our loved ones see.