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Monday, February 09, 2004
You Know Who

- by Catherine

It was great,
The times we had.
Some made me laugh,
Some made me sad.

But now we’re done,
We’re over with.
Our “one true love”,
Was just a myth.

I know it’s my fault,
That we parted ways.
In painful regret,
I spend my days.

But what can I do,
It’s already been done.
Away from the pain,
Is where I’m trying to run.

I’m sorry I hurt you,
Please know that I care.
If you ever need me,
I’ll always be there.

You don’t have to forgive me,
Just please don’t forget,
The way that you loved me,
And that day we first met.

I always will like you,
You know this is true,
So smile when you think of me,
This poems for… you know who!