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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
I Love You
Written & Contributed by: Julienne van Aardt

How do I love thee?
To a depth that cannot be measured.
To a width that erases all uncertainties.
Why do I love thee?
You are the most honourable man I know
You are kind and gentle
You are wild and passionate
You are all I ever want to love like this.
I do not know if I will see you again,
Yet I will always love you
Yet I will always need you
Yet I will always want you…
As tranquil as the brook
Such is my love for you.
As high as the mountain peak
Such is my love for you.
Without words I reach out for you
For you are in my heart.
My love is beyond comparison
To what I ever felt before.
My love is beyond comprehension
But as definite as a clear new morning.
When you are with me,
I am complete.
When you are gone for months,
I am still complete.
I desire you more
With each passing day.
You remain new to me
My love as fresh as dew.
I have no need to see you.
I know how much I love you.
I just think of you
And you are here…
Holding me close to your bosom
Kissing me with raw desire
Stroking my hair, touching my skin
So close you always are…
I dream of you
Of us climbing mountains
Crossing streams
Listening to tribal chanting
Walking on the Great Wall of China.
I dream of you
Walking with me
Talking to me
Sharing yourself with me.
I want to take your hand
And wildly run into the waves.
I want to hold your face
And kiss your sensual mouth.
I want to stare into the oceans of your eyes
And enjoy the beauty of your soul beyond.
I just want to love you
I want to always love you.
If you love me or if you don’t
Does not really matter.
If I see you or if I don’t
Does not really matter.
How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways…