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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
That’s the way i am

Friends call me simple, sweet, innocent
Guileless, pure and decent
Sober cute, and frank
That the way i am

Religious, kind, affectionate
Strict, self-disciplined and great
You will find a favourite chum
Yes that’s the way i am

Smiling, trustworthy, and witty
Hardworking, helpful and pretty
Competent, courageous, co-operative, and sportive
Committed, courteous and creative

Walking down as a charmed dame
Yes that’s the way i am

Imaginative, curious, diligent
Determined, different and obedient
Greatly value my ideals, traditions and customs
Nothing in that regard can make me succumb

Yes that’s the way i am

Sensitive, emotional and soft hearted
Thoughtful, intelligent and open minded
Loving, talented and caring
Agile, aggressive and inspiring

Adventurous, humorous and easy going
Active, admirable and enterprising
Certainly not a perfect being
But things around let you feign

Sometimes cantankerous, argumentative and quarrelsome
Yes that’s the way i am

Angry, critical ,fastidious and impatient
Challenging, daring, obstinate, fussy, moody and intolerant
Headstrong, straightforward and possessive
Wacky, crazy and responsive

Very few things are there which i give a damn
Yes that’s the way i am

Lover of art and architecture
And all beauties of nature
Firm believer of luck, destiny
Each my work is under close scrutiny

Respect people with Ethics,
And believe every life philosophies
Nice, good, noble and nifty
Deeply Value my individuality

Vegetarian, virgoan vivacious (some call me cubby Regulus )
Happy, optimistic, faithful and joyous
Nothing can make me down
Yes that’s the way i am

Like a lion i wanna lead
In each and everything I wanna succeed
Miseries, tragedies of life make me numb
Yes that’s the way i am

Honest, efficient, and many’s favourite
Always following what is right,
Loyal, pleasant and Dependable
Devoted, understanding and amiable

Never wanna feign or pretend
Yes that’s the way i am

i hate gossip mongers
Hypocrites, backbiters and liars
These make me irritant and irksome
Yes that’s the way i am

Always looking for perfection
God is my inspiration
Many friends have i in short span
That’s the way i am

Often wearing a sunny smile
Which is always, and not just for a while
I believe life is a journey and not a game
Yes that’s the way i am

Gorgeous, gutsy and generous
Keeping mind clean and pious
Wishes I have in megaton
Yes that’s the way i am

Wanna spread message of love
Always believe in the power above
Certainly things wont be the same
Yes that’s the way i am

I like being sweet, cute and fantastic
Dedication perfection in work makes me exhaustic
Lets pray for happiness to the maximum
Yes, That’s the way i am

Silent, observant and forgiving
Kiddish, funny and peace loving
Prompt, positive, proud, quick and sociable
Self respecting, right minded, smart and special

i am tall, talkative and temperamental
Down to earth, graceful and truthful
What I teach I practice
Meditation, yoga gives me a mental peace

Better things you do, better things will come
Yes that’s the way i am

Do good to all
Have good wishes for each and every soul
Always have good thinking and clear intention
i wish Someday He will definitely fulfill your aim

Yes that’s the way i am.