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Saturday, January 08, 2005
Raincoat : The gift of Magi

A pick from a friend's online diary (for it's sensibly realistic (?) touch to the construed nitty-gritties of a TRUE love story ! See me greatly overwhelmed by the Raincoat theme here...)

Walking on the busy streets,
dysphoric, tired
wet with the falling droplets
imbrued, soaked

A finger on the doorbell,
sound and then silence
a knock on the door,
and finally a reply

I wish I never saw her,
wish the looks were allusive
she was still very beautiful,
only if there were more light

lonely in the austere mansion,
husband away for work
the old memories blowing,
touching hearts in their way

What if I had the courage,
to fight for her, beg for her
what if she had the patience,
to wait for me, trust me

No one would admit,
the sufferings of life
my life is for you,
and you gave your life to me

I bid her adieu,
and walked towards the bus
the droplets making sounds,
one, falling on the Raincoat

The story is inspired from the O. Henry classic, 'The gift of Magi'. The movie however, goes a step extra as the characters here are childhood buddy seperated by time. They are bound by memories and nothing else and yet, one sacrifices everything for the other. A splendid saga sealed with immaculate acting skills by two wonderful actors. A must watch movie for all those who think Aishwarya can only look beautiful. With minimal make-up, if there is any positive make-up, she looks gorgeous.