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Thursday, February 17, 2005
I'm An Adopted Son Of Tears

The first tear that came from my eyes,is still my best friend,
it consoles me whenever i feel like i have reached the end,
it gives me company whenever i feel lonely in the night,
once it comes out,like a feather my heart becomes light.

Sitting in darkness,every night i search for you in my tears,
they welcome my steps as i walk up and down the stairs,
like a haunted soul,i just wander about and sit on a chair,
as i close my eyes,my lips move to offer you another prayer.

So many dreams i had dreamt of being with you till the end,
living a life happily with you being my wife and best friend,
never did i wish to see a tear from your mesmerizing eyes,
i would do anything,even give up my life to end your cries.

With so much of love to give,i thought you will forever stay,
but all you did was to move away from me,only to betray,
though you stayed only for a while,you still hold control,
over my heart,and the love that lives deep within my soul.

Be it happiness or sadness,a tear is always there in my eye,
b'coz i still remember the day when you left me high and dry,
when i saw you for the very first time,out of joy i just cried,
when u left me alone,another tear rolled out and i just died.

Though you have abandoned me,you still live in my prayers,
the tear you left behind,consoles when no one else cares,
the pain of my broken heart will cripple me over the years,
still i won't feel alone anymore b'coz now "I'm An Adopted Son Of Tears".. .. ..


Forever Yours
Nobody was I, and, had nowhere to go,
Till you came aside and took me along;
You enlightened me with your dreams,
And gave me a reason to pull astrong.

When the tides were high at the break of dawn,
Rain kept falling but the rainbow was gone,
When the lows were high and the highs were low,
You never let me stop & you never let me know...

You smiled.. .. .. an angelic ever-lasting smile,
The smile that brought you so near to me;
Don't ever.. .. .. let me find you gone,
For that shall mean an end for me!!!

We came ashore from different directions,
It was Lord's will –That brought us together in Love,
With you time has flown so fast and now -I only pray.. .. ..
That we soon get to start our life's journey -
Where today n' tomorrow shall become 'Forever'.. .. ..


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Innocent dreams, golden heart, rested on thy shattered past,
Sensing the role of freedom above, freed thyself with unchained Love.
Entered thy fantasies, which were mild,
Drove out thy fears, which were wild,

Revealed stories that were untold,
Unfurled mysteries that were on-hold,
Blessed with Love, serene seemed Life,
With newfound happiness there was no strife,

Till… time played itself dirty again,
And re-played scenes, which were slain….
Innocent dreams, golden heart, rested, again, on thy shattered past,
Sensing that freedom was not above, freed thyself of the unchained Love.